With credits ranging from electric guitar performance for Riot Games, cello performance for Namco Bandai and Nintendo, and musical composition for as wide a range of products as Rooster Teeth’s ‘RWBY’, and festival-hit ‘Joe Lansdale’s Christmas With The Dead’, Composer and Recording Artist Mason Lieberman has performed and recorded with many of the top franchises in the industry. 



  • “Mason is the best kind of person to work with: congenial, flexible, and a great communicator. He’ll always go out of his way to support his friends and colleagues, and he’s never short on great ideas.”
    — Dorian Maverick (Lead Singer for Flight of Fire)
  • "He's concise, communicates clearly, and always brings the product back punctually. There are times I've worked with him that he's gone above and beyond what I asked for, not because he expected any reward for it, but because this is his passion."
    — Brandon Yates (Composer for Screw Attack, Hyper Gauge)
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